Project ImPACT: Hyperlipidemia

The Background

The Background

Initiated in March 1996, Project ImPACT: Hyperlipidemia is the APhA Foundation’s first  community pharmacy−based demonstration project.. The project was designed to evaluate the pharmacist’s role in ongoing disease management related to high cholesterol and the impact point-of-care disease monitoring devices in that process. By having real-time cholesterol readings, pharmacists were able to identify which patients had controlled hyperlipidemia and which required dosage adjustments or further counseling about medication adherence. 

ImPACT is an acronym for Improving Persistence And Compliance with Therapy. Persistence and compliance are two components of medication adherence.

  • Persistence is the act of continuing a medication treatment for the prescribed duration.
  • Compliance is the extent to which a patient acts in accordance with the prescribed interval and dose of a dosing regimen

Stated more simply, persistence asks the question, “Has the patient stopped taking a medicine when he should still be on it?”, and compliance asks the question, “When the patient does take the medicine, is it at the right dose and the right time?”


Key Objective:

  • To demonstrate that pharmacists, working collaboratively with patients and physicians and having immediate access to objective point-of-care patient data, promote patient persistence and compliance with prescribed dyslipidemic therapy that enables patients to achieve their National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) goals.