Remington Endowment Campaign


Widely recognized as pharmacy’s highest honor, the Remington Honor Medal is named for eminent community pharmacist, manufacturer, and educator Joseph P. Remington (1847–1918). In 2019, we observe the 100th anniversary of celebrating the medalists whose lifetime of achievements have advanced the profession and patient care. In 2018 we began a silent phase of the Remington Endowment Campaign.  Our campaign supports two objectives:

Honor the Past

Your support of the Remington Endowment will help fund in perpetuity the awarding of the Remington Honor Medal to pharmacy’s most well-respected leaders and innovators.

We are committed to creating a lasting tribute to commemorate every Remington Honor Medalist’s remarkable contributions to pharmacy. Through the Endowment, we will establish an elegant installation recording their stories and achievements at the APhA Headquarters—the home of American pharmacy—on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

These luminaries have transformed pharmacy and led changes that reverberates outside of any one organization or institution. They have also shaped the vision of the Remington Endowment, which will propel the Remington tradition into the future.

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Shape the Future

Support pharmacy’s pioneering leaders by providing the foundational funding for the Remington Innovation Forum a key component of the Remington Endowment. This extraordinary event will marshal the collective wisdom of Remington Honor Medalists to solve complex, systemic medication use problems—from opioid misuse to caring for the medically underserved—and address improving patient care outcomes nationwide.

Led by these visionaries, the Forum will leverage shared responsibility among all facets of pharmacy, industry, government organizations, academia, and other national health care organizations. Through meetings, symposia, and workshops, these partners will generate practical resources and tools to address our nation’s greatest health care challenges.


You are invited to join others in the community of pharmacy who have made a contribution to support bringing the brightest minds in pharmacy and partners in health care to solve the greatest health challenges of our time.  To learn more about the Remington Honor Medal, please visit


Yes, I will support the Remington Endowment. I support engaging Remington Honor Medalists to lead collaborative problem-solving with the entire profession of pharmacy and its stakeholders to improve our nation’s most pressing medication use and safety issues.  I support ensuring the tradition of the Remington Honor Medal into perpetuity.