Patient Credentialing as a Population Health Management Strategy: A Diabetes Case Study

Lindsay L. Watson; Benjamin M. Bluml; Alexandria Skoufalos
June 2015 (e-published September 2014) - Population Health Management

Improving outcomes for diverse populations disproportionately affected by diabetes:  Final results of Project IMPACT: Diabetes

Benjamin M. Bluml; Lindsay L. Watson; Jann B. Skelton; Patti Gasdek Manolakis; Kelly A. Brock
September/October 2014 - JAPhA

Integrating pharmacists into diverse diabetes care teams: Implementation tactics from Project IMPACT: Diabetes
Lindsay L. Watson; Benjamin M. Bluml
September/October 2014 - JAPhA

Diabetes Ten City Challenge: Final economic and clinical results
Toni Fera, Benjamin M. Bluml, and William M. Ellis
April 2009 - JAPhA

The Diabetes Ten City Challenge: Interim clinical and humanistic outcomes of a multisite community pharmacy diabetes care program
Benjamin M. Bluml, William M. Ellis, Cynthia W. Schaller, and Daniel G. Garret
February 2008 - JAPhA

​The Asheville Project: Clinical and economic outcomes of a community-based long-term medication therapy management program for hypertension and dyslipidemia
Barry A. Bunting, Benjamin H. Smith, and Susan E. Sutherland
December 2007 - JAPhA

The Asheville Project: Long-Term Clinical, Humanistic, and Economic Outcomes of a Community-Based Medication Therapy Management Program for Asthma
Barry A. Bunting and Carole W. Cranor
February 2006 - JAPhA

The Asheville Project: Participants’ Perceptions of Factors Contributing to the Success of a Patient Self-Management Diabetes Program
Daniel G. Garrett and Leslie A. Martin
March/April 2003 - JAPhA

The Asheville Project: Long-Term Clinical and Economic Outcomes of a Community Pharmacy Diabetes Care Program
Carole W. Cranor, Barry A. Bunting, and Dale B. Christensen
January 2003 - JAPhA

Patient Self-Management Program for Diabetes: First-Year Clinical, Humanistic, and Economic Outcomes
Daniel G. Garrett and Benjamin M. Bluml
February 2005 - JAPhA

Other Chronic Diseases

Cardiovascular Health

Solutions for Atrial Fibrillation Edvocacy (SAFE): Improving Awareness And Access To Afib Screening For Detection And Referral For Treatment

July 2023 - Innovations in Pharmacy

Alzheimer's Disease
Cognitive memory screening and referral program in community pharmacies in the United States
Nathaniel M. Rickles, Jann B. Skelton, Jennifer Davis & Jennifer Hopson
December 2013 - International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

Promising results of Project ImPACT: Depression pilot study
Joe Sheffer
January 2011- Pharmacy Today

Clinical and economic outcomes of a pilot project examining pharmacist-focused collaborative care treatment for depression
Patrick R. Finley, Benjamin M. Bluml, Barry A. Bunting, and Stephanie N. Kiser
June 2010 - JAPhA

White Paper on the expanding role of the community pharmacists in managing depression
Marsha Millonig

Collaborative practice model shows promise for improving patient care
Benjamin M. Bluml, James M. McKenney, Mark J. Cziraky and R.K. Elswick Jr.
September/October 1998

Pharmaceutical Care Services and Results in Project ImPACT: Hyperlipidemia
Benjamin M. Bluml, James M. McKenney, and Mark J. Cziraky
February 2000

Lipid Management by Pharmacists: Evidence of Benefits
Robert L. Talbert
March/April 2000

Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Stakeholder Meeting Proceedings Report
APhA Foundation and APhA
December 2018

Outcomes of a Pharmacist-Provided Hypertension Service
Carrie Wentz Nemerovski, PharmD, BCPS; Maria Young, BSPharm; Nicholas Mariani, PharmD Candidate 2014;
Carol Bugdalski-Stutrud, BSPharm, FAPhA; Lynette R. Moser, PharmD 
2013 - INNOVATIONS in Pharmacy

Regional Osteoporosis Screening, Referral, and Monitoring Program in Community Pharmacies: Findings from Project ImPACT: Osteoporosis
Jean-Venable “Kelly” Goode, Kim Swiger, and Benjamin M. Bluml
February 2004 - JAPhA

Practice Innovation

Appointment Based Model

Pharmacy's Appointment Based Model: A prescription synchronization program that improves adherence
APhA Foundation
September 2013

Medication Therapy Management

Definition of Medication Therapy Management: Development of Professionwide Consensus
Benjamin Bluml
September/October 2005 - JAPhA

Collaborative Practice Agreements

Consortium recommendations for advancing pharmacists’ patient care services and collaborative practice agreements
APhA Foundation and APhA
March/April 2013 - JAPhA

Collaborative practice agreements: Stimulating increased integration
Joe Sheffer
March 2013 - Pharmacy Today 

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

White paper on expanding the role of pharmacists in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
APhA Foundation
March/April 2011 - JAPhA

Practice-Based Research Networks

White Paper: Establishing Pharmacist Practice-Based Research Networks
Jon C. Schommer, PhD, RPh
May 2010