About our Projects

For over 25 years the APhA Foundation has demonstrated how pharmacists improve healthcare. Our many research projects establish new models of practice for pharmacists and redefine patients’ healthcare experiences. We produce better results than current industry standards because we connect each patient to a pharmacist who empowers them to become successful in managing their own health. Our work validates that pharmacists are essential to helping patients achieve better health outcomes.

Check out the latest Research and Innovation update from APhA2022 which shows how the APhA Foundation's research initiatives are advancing pharmacy practice!

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Perspectives on 25 years of Research and Innovation

Join Ben Bluml, Senior Vice President of Research and Innovation with the APhA Foundation to learn about perspectives on research and innovation activities conducted over 25 years at the APhA Foundation.

Our Diabetes Research

Diabetes is one of the greatest challenges facing our healthcare system. Our projects have shown reduced healthcare costs, improved clinical outcomes, and shaped pharmacists’ role in diabetes care.

Other Chronic Disease Research

Chronic diseases are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems in the U.S. Discover how pharmacists make a significant impact on chronic disease outcomes.

Practice Innovation

Pharmacy practice is continually evolving. The APhA Foundation aims to cultivate innovative ideas into the future of the pharmacy profession.

Patient Self-Management Solutions

With the shortage in primary care physicians to care for complex patients, a new alternative is needed that provide for the “triple aim” of better care, better health and lower costs to treat the chronic disease epidemic. Patient Self-Management Solutions provide a proven model to meet all three needs with patient satisfaction, proven outcomes, and validated total cost of care reductions.

Our Impact

Our practice-based research consistently demonstrates how integrating pharmacists into healthcare teams can improve people’s health and reduce costs. As a result, we are transforming healthcare in ways that significantly impact the lives of patients.

Our Approach

We work towards our goal to improve health care using innovative methods of pharmacy practice to guide our research process. The implementation of pharmacists' patient care services and process of care model are essential to the success of our projects.

Team-Based Care

Delivering IMPACT through personalized, team-based care, IMPACT Diabetes helps patients and communities build stronger relationships with care teams to prevent diabetes and improve outcomes.

Vaccinations & Immunizations

The APhA Foundation has years of experience conducting innovative research projects related to immunizations and vaccine confidence. Learn more about what our research has found at the link below!