Project IMPACT: Diabetes

Variety Care

Variety Care

Program Overview

Variety Care provides comprehensive interdisciplinary diabetes outreach, screening, and diabetes management programs to the uninsured and under-insured in Oklahoma. The interdisciplinary team includes pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, optometrists, social workers, and bilingual medical assistants. The pharmacist and other health care providers work collaboratively through the medical exam process, setting treatment goals, reviewing key concepts of diabetes self-management, and providing education and skills training for each patient.

Program Partners

Variety Care and the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy have partnered on Project IMPACT: Diabetes. Variety Care is a federally qualified health center that provides comprehensive and affordable medical care. They have a strong interdisciplinary network that provides affordable and accessible health care to uninsured and under-insured patients. The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy is a recognized leader in education, research and scholarship, and service – striving to positively impact and advance knowledge, the profession of pharmacy, and health throughout their state, region, and the nation. This goal is achieved through an environment that fosters collaboration with external communities, respects diversity, and demonstrates commitment to collective endeavors that advance their purposes and positively influence the health and well-being of the public.

Community Champion:

Jamie Farley, PharmD

Patient Profile

The patients served through Project IMPACT: Diabetes are uninsured or under-insured in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Over half of enrolled patients are Hispanic, a group that is medically underserved in the state and is predisposed to diabetes and hypertension. High insurance co-pays create a barrier to health care access. Medications are costly, making it challenging for patients to afford the numerous medications they are prescribed. Financial restraints also restrict the foods that patients can afford. Social, economic, and work stresses add to the difficulties these patients face.

Pharmacists’ Role on the Collaborative Care Team

Pharmacists provide one-on-one patient care. During face-to-face visits, the pharmacist explores the patient’s medical history, patient-specific needs, and provides education as needed. They establish a rapport with patients early and identify barriers to the patient’s diabetes care. Collaboratively, with other health care providers, pharmacists detail a plan for each patient’s disease management. This personalized health plan shows patients they are cared for, and they respond by managing their disease.

Relevant Statistics – Community Level

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health1:

  • 304,500 (11.0%) of Oklahoma adults were diagnosed with diabetes as of 2010
  • 12.5% of Hispanic Oklahomans were diagnosed with diabetes as of 2010
  • There were 985 lower limb amputations with diabetes as one of the diagnosis among Oklahomans during 2008

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