Project IMPACT: Diabetes

Fink's Pharmacy

Fink's Pharmacy

Program Overview

Patients with diabetes are referred to Fink’s Pharmacy by physicians at two physician practices. Fink’s Pharmacy offers a series of four affordable, evening and weekend classes on diabetes education and management. Height, weight, and blood pressure are measured before each class, and an updated medical history is recorded including the date of last eye exam, foot exam, and physician visit. During the class, each patient creates measurable goals, which are followed up at the subsequent class. Patients unable to attend class because of transportation challenges are rescheduled for an individual appointment on a different day. Three months after the class series is completed, patients are encouraged to attend a follow-up appointment. While the patients are enrolled in the diabetes classes, each patient meets one-on-one with a pharmacist.  The number of visits varies per patient.  If patients are enrolled in collaborative practice program and are initiated on insulin patients may be called as often as twice a week until blood sugar goals are achieved.

Program Partners

Fink’s Pharmacy’s mission is to improve each patient’s quality of life. They provide in-depth diabetic classes and coaching, as well as an expanded line of diabetic supplies and shoes.

Community Champion: 

Kristen Fink and Christine Lee-Wilson

Patient Profile

The patients served through Project IMPACT: Diabetes are uninsured or under-insured blue-collar workers near Essex, MD. Because they are uninsured or under-insured, higher-cost diabetes management products are unattainable. Patients often lack energy after work to exercise and cook, often resulting in sedentary lifestyles and fast-food meals. Many patients do not drive and rely on public transportation. Patients are unaware of the nature of diabetes, as well as the steps and lifestyle changes necessary to manage it.

Pharmacists’ Role on the Collaborative Care Team

Fink’s pharmacists teach diabetes and care management to newly diagnosed diabetes patients and patients with uncontrolled diabetes. During these classes, the pharmacist motivates patients and encourages each patient to create measurable goals regarding their diabetes management. The goals are followed-up on by the pharmacist at the subsequent class. Once patients are enrolled in the class, an appointment is scheduled for the pharmacist to meet with each patient to discuss individual barriers.  . The pharmacists also provide individual appointments for patients unable to attend the class because of transportation reasons. Once the class series has concluded, the pharmacist meets with each patient for a follow-up appointment within three months of the last class. The pharmacist also follows-up with patients when they come into the pharmacy for diabetes medications and supplies, as well as through individual phone calls.

Relevant Statistics – Community Level

According to the CDC and Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene1,2:

  • 400,000 (8.9%) of Maryland adults were diagnosed with diabetes as of 2010
  • In 2009, Diabetes resulted in the deaths of 1,198 people
  • Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death

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