Patient Self-Management: Diabetes

The Results

The Results

Over the initial year of the program, improvements were shown in the clinical indicators of diabetes and standards of care. Total mean health care costs per patient were also reduced at 10.8% lower than projections for the initial year of enrollment. 

Clinical Outcomes

mean A1C decreased from 7.9% at initial visit to 7.1%
mean  LDL-C decreased from 113.4 mg/dL to 104.5 mg/dL
mean systolic blood pressured decreased from 136.2 mm Hg to 131.4 mm Hg.
100% of study participants had their A1C and lipid panels tested
94% of patients achieved the HEDIS A1C goal and 78% achieved lipid control of <130 mg/dL
Influenza vaccination rate increased from 52% to 77%, the eye examination rate increased from 46% to 82%, and the foot examination rate increased from 38% to 80%

Patient Satisfaction Outcomes

Patient satisfaction with overall diabetes care improved from 57% of responses in the highest range at baseline to 87% at this level after 6 months, and 95.7% of patients reported being very satisfied or satisfied with the diabetes care provided by their pharmacists.  


Read the full results in the manuscript.