Pinnacle Awards

Pinnacle Awards



The Pinnacle Awards, established in 1998 by the APhA Foundation's Quality Center, celebrate significant contributions to the medication use process.


2024 Nominations are now closed, stay tuned for winner announcements in August!


Nomination Criteria

Anyone can serve as the nominator for a Pinnacle Award. The nominator is not required to be a pharmacist, APhA Foundation donor, or APhA member. Self-nominations are allowed. Former recipients in the individual award category may not be nominated for a second time in the same category. Individuals on the APhA Board of Trustees and the APhA Foundation Board of Directors shall not be eligible. No individuals currently on the selection committee shall be eligible for nomination.


Awards are given in 3 categories:

Category I: Individual Award for Career Achievement

Eligibility: Nominees in the Career Achievement category are individuals who by their actions have demonstrated exceptional leadership in enhancing quality in health care and medication use. The award recipient must have engaged in efforts to do the following:

  •  Promote quality health care and catalyze advances in the betterment of medication use.

  •  Cultivate, in professional and personal life, a commitment to quality in health care to increase the well-being of people.

  •  Lead in implementing improvements in medication use and overall health care quality, especially in the areas of improving medication adherence and/or developing or implementing national treatment guidelines or evidence-based medicine.

Category II: Group Practices, Health Systems, Health Care Corporations

Eligibility: This category recognizes a significant scientific contribution and/or quality improvement project conducted in one or more of the following areas:

  •  Fostering the role of multidisciplinary health care teams in improving medication persistence and adherence.

  •  Adoption of, or adherence to, national treatment guidelines.

  •  Preventing and eliminating adverse drug events.

  •  Developing innovations and improvement techniques to enhance medication use.

  •  Innovation in the management of drug therapy while significantly improving patient outcomes.

Category III: Voluntary Health Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations, Associations, Government Agencies, and Public/Private Partnerships

Eligibility: Special emphasis in this category is placed on submissions that assist patients and their caregivers in achieving better outcomes from their medications. Examples include:

  •  Patient education initiatives

  •  New health care delivery models in which the patient and/or caregiver figures prominently

  •  Programs that promote patient understanding, improve adherence to drug therapy, or prevent or eliminate adverse drug events

  •  Partnerships between public and private entities to improve patient outcomes.


Timeline for Pinnacle Awards Nominations

  • Nomination Deadline: June 30th by 11:59 EST

  • Nomination Review: July 

  • Notification to recipients/non-recipients: August 

  • Pinnacle Awards Ceremony & Lecture: Sunday, September 15th, 2024. 


Selection Process

Award selections are made by a Selection Committee appointed by the APhA Foundation Board of Directors on the basis of complete nominations and meeting the nomination criteria above. The Selection Committee is made up of one representative from the APhA Board of Trustees, one representative from the APhA Foundation Board of Directors (who serves as Chair), and three former Pinnacle Award recipients.


Nature of Award

Each Pinnacle Award is a Crystal Eagle atop a marble base with the recipient’s name, location, and year engraved. Depending on available funding, public health considerations, and other factors, the Pinnacle Awards Presentation may either be held in a live or virtual setting. A $1,000 travel stipend will be provided to one recipient or representative for each award when the ceremony is conducted live.


Application Requirements

1) A completed nomination form

  • You will be asked to sign in with your APhA member credentials, or non-members can simply make an account by clicking "register" and will subsequently be permitted to access and submit the form.

2) A nomination packet (PDF or Word document; not to exceed 10 pages) that includes the following:

  • A brief description of the organization and/or the curriculum vitae of key parties.

  • A narrative describing the efforts undertaken to enhance medication use quality, including a description of how the submission fulfills criteria for the award category. When applicable, nominations should present the work using the framework of continuous quality improvement to explain how the project has improved the medication use process.

  • Data and other information to document measurable improvements in the medication use process.

  • Letters of support, including letters from patients, pharmacists, and/or organizations that are affected by or familiar with the nominee’s efforts.

3) Optional: Up to 10 pages (combined into a single PDF or Word document) of supplemental materials such as letters, articles, and additional data/documents supporting the project’s/individual’s worthiness to receive the award.


Questions about the awards or application process can be sent to Cristian Rodriquez, Executive Fellow,


Support for the 2024 Pinnacle Awards Program is provided by Merck.




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