Diabetes Ten City Challenge

The Results

The Results

Results of the DTCC showed favorable economic and clinical results for employers and participants. The reduction in total healthcare costs is a “net” value, meaning that payers save $1,079 per year after paying the pharmacist for their services and providing waived copay incentives for beneficiaries.  


Clinical Results

Participants improved in all of the recognized standards for diabetes care, including decreases in A1C, LDL cholesterol and blood pressure; and increases in current flu vaccinations and foot and eye exams.

  • A1C blood sugar and lipid panel screening rates increased to 97% and 92%, respectively
  • 91% of patients achieved an A1C within the HEDIS goal and 63% achieved HEDIS-defined lipid control

Statistically significant improvements were observed for key clinical measures, including:

  • mean glycosylated hemoglobin decrease from 7.5% to 7.1%
  • mean low-density lipoprotein cholesterol decrease from 98 to 94 mg/dL
  • mean systolic blood pressure decrease from 133 to 130 mm Hg 
  • Influenza vaccination rate increased from 32% to 65%, eye examination rate increased from 57% to 81%, and foot examination rate increased from 34% to 74%.


Patient Satisfaction Outcomes

  • Patients ranked overall diabetes care as very good to excellent increased from 39% to 87%.
  • Overall, 97.5% reported being very satisfied or satisfied with the diabetes care provided by pharmacists 


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