Tom Temple-USP Pharmacy Leadership Scholarship

Tom Temple-USP Pharmacy Leadership Scholarship


APhA Foundation is grateful for the generosity of US Pharmacopeia (USP) and individual donors to establish a scholarship in memory of Thomas R. Temple to assist student pharmacists in engaging and attending the APhA Annual Meeting.

The Foundation believes this is a fitting way to recognize the professional accomplishments of pharmacist and longtime Chief Executive Officer of the Iowa Pharmacy Association, Tom Temple. USP gladly supports this scholarship in honor of Tom for his distinctive leadership in support of USP's Mission - specifically that which creates a legacy of impact. 

Tom received his undergraduate degree from Northern Illinois University and his professional degrees in pharmacy from the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa.

Tom served on several state and national boards including USP, APhA Foundation, National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, University of Iowa Alumni Association, and EveryStep Board for Hospice and Home Care Services. He also served on advisory boards for several pharmaceutical companies and colleges of pharmacy.

Tom’s leadership in the profession was recognized through his receipt of several state and national awards. Most notably he was the recipient of the highest awards from the Colleges of Pharmacy at the University of Iowa, Drake University, and the University of Illinois. At the national level, he received recognition for leadership, mentorship, and lifetime contributions to the pharmacy profession.

About USP: USP is an independent, scientific nonprofit organization focused on building trust in the supply of safe, quality medicines. USP works to strengthen the global supply chain so that the medicines people rely on for health are available when needed and work as expected.

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The Tom Temple-USP Pharmacy Leadership Scholarship is presented annually to one (1) recipient in the amount of $1,000. Learn more about other named APhA Foundation scholarships for students.