Diabetes Ten City Challenge

The Participants

The Participants

More than 30 employers representing a variety of industries joined forces with local pharmacists in 10 different cities to help their employees with diabetes improve their health through the DTCC. 

Cities and employers were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Individual or group of employers with self-insured health care plans have a combined minimum of 5,000 employees and/or beneficiaries;
  • Employers agreed to provide incentives, i.e., waive co-pays for diabetes-related medications and supplies for participants in the program;
  • There was a strong internal champion with decision-making authority within the employer administration;
  • Willingness to adopt and implement the Asheville Project model; and
  • Willingness to speak about the program with local and national media.

About the Ten Cities

The DTCC was implemented in 10 different cities. The program was offered in community independent pharmacies, community chain pharmacies, ambulatory care clinics, and at on-site workplace locations if designated by the employer. 

About the Experts

Six experts affiliated with the APhA Foundation oversaw the implementation of DTCC.