Project IMPACT Immunizations

What is Project IMPACT Immunizations?


The APhA Foundation is working with community pharmacies to increase vaccination rates for routinely recommended adult vaccines. Project IMPACT Immunizations is a multi-phase initiative that integrates an innovative care model into each participating pharmacy in an effort to identify unmet adult vaccination needs. A goal for this project is to address the population health for preventable diseases and, therefore, reduce the cost of care over time.


Model Development: Proof of Concept

Project IMPACT Immunizations is currently in Model Development with eight pharmacies’ across Washington State to ascertain whether adult vaccination rates for routinely recommended vaccines would be improved if pharmacists have bi-directional access to immunization information systems and technology that provides actionable data at the point of care. When a patient receives an influenza vaccine from a participating pharmacy, the pharmacist’s reviews a patient-specific vaccine forecast generated by the directional IIS, which identifies the patient’s unmet vaccination needs based on current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Recommendations. Having access to this information at the point of care provides the pharmacist with an opportunity to educate the patient about their unmet vaccination needs and administer any vaccines authorized by the patient within the pharmacists' scope of practice. The pharmacist then documents any administered vaccines in the bi-directional IIS to update the patient’s vaccine record so that it can be shared among the patient-provider team as allowed by the respective state’s immunization registry.

Results Exceeded Expectations

From October 2015 through March 2016, over 1,000 influenza vaccines + forecast reviews + patient education in the eight community practices have yielded results greater than the pilot expected. The results of the study are documented and are currently in peer review.

The pilot phase of Project IMPACT Immunizations is being implemented with generous support from Merck. The bi-directional IIS being used in each participating pharmacy is supported by Scientific Technologies Corporation.

8 Participating Pharmacies

  • Cheney Owl Pharmacy (Cheney, WA)
  • Kelley-Ross Pharmacy (Seattle, WA)
  • Kirk’s Pharmacy (Eatonville, WA)
  • Lopez Island Pharmacy (Lopez Island, WA)
  • Quality Food Centers #101 (Belfair, WA)
  • Quality Food Centers #851 (Edmonds, WA)
  • ReliantRx (Spokane, WA)
  • Tieton Village Drug (Yakima)

Next Phase

Following Model Development, Project IMPACT Immunizations will refine the model as the project is scaled to 50 sites. Once the financial viability is proven, the project will be implemented nationally for sustainable growth in practices across the United States.  

This project is another example of the Foundation's continued collaboration with respect to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Increase communication between and among patients/ providers
  • Increase availability of objective measures
  • Reduce total cost for care over time