COVID-19 Heroes Campaign


The APhA Foundation COVID-19 Heroes Campaign honors pharmacists, pharmacy team members, and loved ones who have and are making significant contributions to the public health of our communities during our nation’s greatest health crisis - the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The campaign will memorialize the contributions of all pharmacists and pharmacy team members, as vital members of the healthcare team, and recognize the contributions of all impacted by COVID-19.

We offer this special opportunity to recognize pharmacists, pharmacy team members and loved ones at APhA headquarters in our nation’s Capital – the home of American pharmacy.

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inscribed paver

On the magnificent grounds facing the Lincoln Memorial along the National Mall, you can select a paver and inscription of your choosing to be engraved upon a 8" by 8" stone paver within APhA’s Eastern Lower Terrace. In addition to individuals, organizations or companies are welcome to select a larger 32" by 16" stone paver that lines the outer edge of the Eastern Lower Terrace to have the name of your pharmacy or organization inscribed in a larger format. Recognition through an inscribed paver as part of this campaign will enshrine an individual or organization’s service to patients and demonstrate your appreciation for their role in supporting our nation and pharmacy profession through these challenging times.

  • $1 - $499, will provide direct support for the campaign and you will be acknowledged as a donor to the Foundation in the annual report.
  • $500 - $999, will enshrine your name as a supporter of the campaign on a bronze supporter plaque to be installed inside the APhA Headquarters building.
  • $1,000, will allow for the selection of your preferred 8" x 8" paver location, submission of an inscription, and recognition on the bronze campaign recognition plaque.
  • $5,000, for a larger 32" x 16" paver will allow for selection of your preferred paver location around the edge of the eastern lower terrace, submission of an inscription, and recognition on the bronze campaign recognition plaque.
  • $15,000, will allow for dedication of a bench overlooking the eastern lower terrace, submission of an inscription, and recognition on the bronze campaign recognition plaque. Please inquire; only one remaining.











Art contest 

Release Your Inner Artist

Enter your artwork to the COVID-19 Heroes Campaign Art Contest by October 26, 2021. The selected artist will receive a commission to capture in a painted art piece pharmacists’ and pharmacy teams’ engagement within various COVID-19 response activities across the health care system and within communities. The final piece will be framed and installed at the APhA Headquarters Building, home of America’s pharmacists.

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Photo mosaic

COVID-19 Snapshots: Framing Pharmacy’s Contributions

Submit your photos to the COVID-19 Heroes Campaign photo mosaic. The COVID-19 pandemic and the pharmacy heroes who served the patients and communities it affected have left an indelible mark on the profession and public health at large. The APhA Foundation wants to collect and preserve these images forever. Send us photos that visually capture pharmacy teams’ incredible contributions to COVID-19 response efforts—the people and the places where it all happened. These photos and images will be arranged into a beautiful mosaic. 

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honoring supporters and Heroes 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020, pharmacists and pharmacy team members worldwide played essential roles in addressing health care needs of individuals and communities, many times at their own risk. These heroes, along with other members of our communities, banded together to battle this devastating global crisis. We recognize and honor individuals, organizations, family, friends, and colleagues for their contributions, dedication, and sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Recognition provided on inscribed stone paver on APhA Eastern Lower Terrace


Alabama Pharmacy Association
Martin Bailey*
Belinda Ballard
Bay Street "Pharmily"*
Marialice Bennett and Jon Bennett
Ilisa Bernstein
Cynthia J. Boyle* and Raymond C. Love*
Sean Boynes*
Alexandra Bray and Jeffery R. Bray*
Brevard County, Florida Pharmacy Heroes*
Anna Brooklere
Johnny Brooklere
Buddy Bunche
Lauren Byrd
Dr. Krista Capehart*
Valentino Caruso and Sara Schmidt
Denise M. Clayton
Tracy Dabbs
Meredith Dean*
Janet P. Engle Donnelly and Andrew J. Donnelly*
Nicholas Dorich, III
William Ellis
Betsy Elswick
Greg Fox
Gretchen Garofoli
Bobby Giles
Goodrich Pharmacy & Staff*
Ed Hamilton and Ann Hamilton
Alan Hewitt and Yamile Hewitt
Matt Hewitt and Kelsey Hewitt*
Michael Hewitt and Elaine Hewitt
Michael D. Hogue* and Heather Hogue
Houston Methodist Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Effort*
Ron Huening*
Elizabeth Johnson
Louise Jones
Gary Kadlec and Marie Kadlec
Kappa Epsilon Fraternity*
Scarlet Lam Watson*
Alexander Knoer*
Scott J. Knoer
Kroger Health
Jonathan Little, PharmD*
Sandra Leal and Kresta Leal
Lucinda Maine
Bill Mantell*
Martha Mazak
Dan McConaghy*
Randy McDonough
Thomas E. Menighan and Bonny Menigan
Michigan Pharmacists Association*
Nambe Pharmacy*
Pharmacists of Michigan*
Pharmacists at the Northeast Ohio VAMC*
Audrey Newton
Brian Robinette*
Magaly Rodriguez deBittner*
Mitchel C. Rothholz* and Julie Gerhart-Rothholz*
Jason Sapia* and Laura Suarez-Hewitt*
Paul Schiff
Grace Shinn*
Pam Schweitzer* and Paul Schweitzer*
Steven Simenson and Wendy Simenson
Skippack Pharmacy COVID Task Force*
Ralph Sorrell and Rebecca Sorrell
Theresa Tolle and Joseph Tolle
Dr. Theodore G. Tong
Towncrest Pharmacy*
The Trygstad Family*
USPHS Commissioned Corps Officers
Divya and Alex C. Varkey
Brian Wall
West Virginia Pharmacists*
Dr. Brian Winbigler and Dr. Jennifer Winbigler*
Dr. Anjanette Wyatt*
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The net proceeds of this initiative fund the ability of the APhA Foundation to conduct programs and develop resources to support public awareness of pharmacists’ patient care services and improvement of public health. Funds given to this campaign will be apportioned into an unrestricted fund to maintain and implement future elements of the campaign and a restricted fund to maintain pavers for up to 10 years. The APhA Foundation, as the charitable arm of APhA, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, ID 52-6039142. All donations are tax-deductible per current US IRS tax law.