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Our Research Agenda

Research Agenda

In an effort to generate meaningful evidence related to improving people’s health through pharmacists’ patient care services, the APhA Foundation has created a Research Agenda to guide new project development from 2014-2017. Our goal is to leverage pharmacists' unique knowledge, skill, and accessibility as an asset in the delivery of patient care. The APhA Foundation will proactively develop partnerships and seek funding to support research that focuses on the chronic diseases, healthcare issues, settings, teams, and populations as described in the agenda, but will remain agile and respond to important opportunities as they emerge. 

Research Focus

We will seek research opportunities that fall within two key overarching focus areas.


We will target specific sources for external support and funding to mobilize the agenda.

Aspects of Implementation

Three guidelines will be taken into consideration in implementing the research.


Outputs will be determined based on the project, but will generally fall within a few categories.