Pinnacle Awards Nominations

Nomination Requirements

Pinnacle Awards Nomination Requirements

1) A completed online nomination form.

2) A nomination packet (PDF or Word document; not to exceed 10 pages) that includes the following:

  • A brief description of the organization and/or the curriculum vitae of key parties.
  • A narrative describing the efforts undertaken to enhance medication use quality, including a description of how the submission fulfills criteria for the award category. When applicable, nominations should present the work using the framework of continuous quality improvement to explain how the project has improved the medication use process.
  • Data and other information to document measurable improvements in the medication use process.
  • Letters of support, including letters from patients, pharmacists, and/or organizations that are affected by or familiar with the nominee’s efforts.

3) Optional: Up to 10 pages (combined into a single PDF or Word document) of supplemental materials such as letters, articles, and additional data/documents supporting the project’s/individual’s worthiness to receive the award.

Self-nominations are acceptable and encouraged.

Submission for entry grants permission to the APhA Foundation to use the information for editorial and/or educational purposes.