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As the research and public education counterpart of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the APhA Foundation was established in 1953 to improve the quality of patient health outcomes through research, public education, issue forums, awards and recognition of pharmacy practice. The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is the oldest and largest voluntary organization of pharmacists in the world, with more than 62,000 members from all branches of pharmacy practice. For more than 160 years, APhA has advocated and provided the means for pharmacists to complete the transformation of their profession from one focused on the drug product to a clinical service focused on the patient. 

The historical information included in the table below is pulled from "History of the APhA Foundation" by George Griffenhagen.

Historical Highlights
Year Event

The APhA Foundation is incorporated during the APhA centennial celebration.


The Foundation makes its first grant to the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP).

The following assets are transferred from the APhA to the Foundation: APhA Library; APhA Museum; APhA Drug Standards Laboratory. 

1961 IRS officially recognizes the Foundation as a 501(c)(3) organization.
1982 The Foundation provides a grant to explore “Management Skills Needed in Community Pharmacy Practice.” This study led the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice to make community pharmacy residency programs a priority.
1992    The Foundation begins to exhibit at the APhA annual meetings
1994 The Foundation launches the APhA Foundation Incentive Grants for Practitioner Innovation in Pharmaceutical Care to seven pharmacists.

The first Project ImPACT, a 2-year demonstration project in hyperlipidemia, launched to demonstrate how pharmacists can positively impact patient health outcomes

Pharmaceutical Care Scholarship Program launched

1997 The Foundation develops a new strategic plan to better fit the new era of “pharmaceutical care”    
1998 The first Pinnacle Awards are hosted at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C.
2010 Project IMPACT: Diabetes launches as the largest sponsored project in the history of the Foundation
2012 The Foundation launches its 2012-2015 strategic plan (click here to view the plan summary)


APhA Foundation Presidents, 1953 to Present

APhA Foundation Presidents, 1953 to Present

1953-1958 – Henry Armitt Brown Dunning

1958-1959 – Louis James Fischl, Jr.

1959-1961 – Henry Armitt Brown Dunning

1961-1964 – Howard Chamberlain Newton

1964-1966 – James Warren Lansdowne

1966-1968 – Rudolph H. Blythe

1968-1970 – Robert G. Gibbs

1970-1976 – Merritt L. Skinner

1976-1979 – Lloyd McClain Parks

1979-1990 – Joseph E. McSoley

1990-2000 – Jacob Willis Miller

2000-2002 – Brian J. Isetts

2002-2003 – Curt Barr

2003-2004 – Tery Baskin

2004-2005 – Hazel Pipkin

2005-2006 – Marvin L. Dyrstad

2006-2008 – Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner

2008-2010 – Cal Knowlton

2010-2012 – Dennis Helling

2012-2014 – Dan Luce

2014-2016 – Ed Hamilton

2016-2018 – Leonard Edloe

2018-2020 – Ellie Vogt

2020-2022 – Steve Simenson

2022-2024 – Anjanette Wyatt

"Great Moments in Pharmacy"

About the Paintings

In October of 2007, Pfizer Inc. gifted to the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, Great Moments in Pharmacy, a collection of 40 paintings depicting a comprehensive history of pharmacy by artist Robert Thom (1915-1979).

APhA Foundation Library

About the Library

The APhA Foundation financially supports the operations of the APhA Foundation Library on an annual basis. The library was created in 1934 at the inception of the original headquarters building to serve the information needs of APhA and APhA