The APhA Foundation Library


The American Pharmacist Association (APhA) Foundation Library was created in 1934 at the inception of the original headquarters building. The APhA Foundation financially supports the operations of the the APhA Foundation Library on an annual basis. The library serves the information needs of APhA and APhA Foundation staff, pharmacists, students, researchers, government agencies, reporters and consumers worldwide via a variety of journals and resources and encourages knowledge asset sharing. The library strives to provide access to resources promoting the pharmacy profession and innovative practices such as Medication Therapy Management Services. In 2009, as part of the renovation and expansion of APhA headquarters and through the generosity of Joseph D. Williams, the library was greatly enhanced and named in his honor.


About Joseph D. Williams

Joseph D. Williams, salesman and corporate executive, devoted a 46‐year career to Warner Lambert, manufacturer and marketer of pharmaceutical, consumer health care and confectionary products. The company ranked among the 100 largest industrial companies in the United States before it merged with Pfizer in 2001.

As president and CEO from 1979 to 1991, Williams eliminated non‐core business and product lines, increased annual revenues from 2 to 5 billion dollars, and brought scientific discovery from the laboratory to the marketplace, resulting in new products of much benefit to the world. Williams is the recipient of many awards and was recognized for fundraising by the United Negro College Fund and other organizations. In 1980, APhA awarded Williams the Remington Honor Medal for his enormous contributions to the pharmacy profession.

The Remington Honor Medal, named for eminent community pharmacist, manufacturer, and educator Joseph P. Remington (1847‐1918), was established in 1918 to recognize distinguished service on behalf of American pharmacy. In 2004, Williams was elected as the APhA Honorary President. Born in Washington, Pennsylvania, Williams earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska in 1950 and was a Parke‐Davis salesman in Beatrice until 1955.