The APhA Foundation has many opportunities for both team and individual fundraising. As an example, State Associations can raise funds to support the Bowl of Hygeia, which recognizes pharmacists for their service to their local community. Individuals are then able to support that state's Bowl of Hygeia Team. Although, we create events and activities to support our various campaigns, you can fundraise in any way that appeals to you by selecting PhilanthroSpheRxe campaign, our general operations fund.

Fundraising Pages

Whether you are captain of a team or an individual wanting to raise money to support improving people's health through pharmacists' patient care services, we can help provide you with the tools you need. With our new fundraising pages, getting support from family and friends is easier than ever.

Tips for Fundraising

  • Seek small as well as large dollar donations. Every dollar counts!
  • Set fundraising goals for yourself or for each member of your team, if you are a team captain.
  • Use Social Media to promote participation.
  • Be creative and ask lots of people to support you; faculty, friends, local leaders, co-workers, local pharmacists, etc.

Select a Fundraising Campaign

Choose the one that suits your interests best and "join the campaign" to create a team or individual page. Get started today!