2023 Scholarship Recipients

allison eppenauer

University of Missouri-Kansas City 


Allison Eppenauer is a third-year pharmacy student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Pharmacy. Eppenauer became involved with APhA-ASP during her first year as a Pharm.D. student and expanded her involvement by serving as APhA-ASP Chapter President-Elect and transitioning to Chapter President on the Kansas City campus during her second and third years of the program. She has been very involved in the chapter by attending APhA2022 Annual in San Antonio, TX and multiple state legislative events.

Eppenauer has been a key component in several innovative projects developed by the UMKC APhA-ASP Chapter such as the Policy and Advocacy Literacy Certificate which won the Region 6 Innovative Programming Award at this year’s APhA Midyear Regional Meeting; she also serves as the current Chapter Representative and Presenter for this innovative topic at APhA2023 Annual Meeting. Eppenauer also oversaw the first annual UMKC APhA-ASP Winter “Pharmal” Formal event which raised funds for a local family and collected donations for an area food pantry. She is passionate about providing education and resources to the community and has helped plan and volunteer at over a dozen health fairs during her time as a pharmacy student.

Eppenauer enjoys serving as a Student Ambassador and Student Tutor along with her two jobs at an academic medical center and local independent pharmacy. Her passion for leadership continues to grow and her involvement in the UMKC School of Pharmacy exemplifies her professionalism and dedication to her path as a pharmacist. She is immensely appreciative of the opportunities afforded her by these leadership roles and looks forward to a future of serving others in the pharmacy career field.