APhA Foundation Announces 2019 Ton Hoek Scholarship Recipient

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation today announced Amy Kruger Howard, PharmD, as the 2019 recipient of the Ton Hoek Scholarship. The Ton Hoek Scholarship provides a stipend for a student pharmacist, fellow, resident, or PharmD graduate pursuing graduate studies to attend the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Congress. Participation in FIP Congress is a unique opportunity for recipients to learn firsthand about global health and pharmacy issues.

Howard is a 2017 graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) School of Pharmacy. She currently serves as a Pediatric Pharmacy Fellow and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Health Science with a focus on Global Health Systems at UMB.  

“Even as a student, FIP World Congress was a platform to voice my thoughts on pharmacy education and a pharmacist’s role in humanitarian aid,” said Howard. “The Ton Hoek Scholarship will allow me to attend an event that has continually helped me achieve career goals.”

Howard’s interest in global health drove her to join the Peace Corps more than ten years ago. Her experiences in Senegal underscored her concern about the general lack of access to medications and healthcare in underserved populations, leading her to pursue a pharmacy degree. Howard joined the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) during her first week of pharmacy school immediately recognizing the impact of viewing pharmacy through a global lens. Her experience working on an international platform solidified her commitment to make global pharmacy integral to her practice.

Howard will be recognized at the APhA Foundation Contributors’ Breakfast during the 2019 APhA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Seattle, Washington on Monday, March 25, 2019.

The Ton Hoek Scholarship recipient is selected by the dedicated members of the Ton Hoek Scholarship Review Committee. The 2019 committee included Joseph DiPiro, Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, and Jenelle Sobotka. To learn more about the Scholarship, please visit the APhA Foundation website.

The Ton Hoek Scholarship was established to memorialize Mr. A. J. M. (Ton) Hoek’s commitment to the global community of pharmacists. In his role as Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary of FIP, Hoek (1955-2012) built many global relationships in the pharmacist community. His leadership efforts resulted in positive collaboration for FIP, both within pharmacy and at the broader level of world health.

The Ton Hoek Scholarship is endowed through the generous contributions of Foundation supporters interested in advancing global pharmacy initiatives. The APhA Foundation would like to thank Jenelle Sobotka for her lead contribution as well as everyone who contributed to the endowment of this scholarship.


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