1953 Society - New Practitioner & Student



Invest in advancing pharmacy innovation! 

What is the 1953 Society?

Taking its name from the year the APhA Foundation was chartered, the 1953 Society is a group of pharmacists, new practitioners, and student pharmacists who show their leadership and commitment to the future of pharmacy through philanthropy.

By donating $19.53 annually, new practitioners and student pharmacists can join other 1953 Society contributors to help drive research and innovation at the APhA Foundation. As one of our elite group of supports, your investment represents your commitment to building new leaders and pharmacy innovators.


Why should I support the APhA Foundation?

Since 1953, the APhA Foundation has remained committed to generating evidence that pharmacists impact patient health through research and innovation. In addition to full-scale research, the APhA Foundation brings together top leaders in pharmacy for discussions about future practice innovation. The APhA Foundation is non-profit organization that relies on donations to carry out its mission. APhA membership dues do not support the Foundation, but donations do.


Why join the 1953 Society?

You are the future of the profession and joining the 1953 Society is one way to invest in that future! To say thank you as a 1953 Society contributor:

- You can network with leaders in pharmacy at the 1953 Society Reception ​& our Annual Contributor’s Breakfast 

-You will be recognized on our website​ & in our Annual Report

-You will receive a pin at Annual Meeting​

-You will be provided with reserved, priority seating at both APhA Annual Meeting General Sessions


To become a 1953 Society contributor, donate $19.53 by clicking the 'donate now' button on this page.

Donors Thank you to these special donors! *Only online donors are listed.

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Jordan Long
Seth Weinstock
Lucianne West
Nicholas Capote
Sarah Derr
Alka Bhatt
Kevin Lonabaugh
Carson Klug
Kathryn Stecklein
Kelsey Japs
Bernice Man
Sarah Schmidt
Dylan Jones
Loren Kirk
Jessica Dizon
Lauren Cunningham
Anthony Olson
Ali Lloyd
Genene Wilson
Tawny Loera
Alexander Tu
Kelsea Gallegos
david bunch
Ian Dilley
Michael Abrahamson
Allison Reed
Kelci Rosenzweig
Jordan Thompson
Ashlan Kunz
Michelle Higgins