1953 Society


The 1953 Society is a group of donor leaders who are recognized collectively for their commitment to giving annually to support the mission of the APhA Foundation. 1953 Society donors identify with the hopes and dreams of the volunteer leaders, donors, and staff for the long-term growth and success of the APhA Foundation.

Taking its name from the year the Foundation was chartered, members of the 1953 Society make a commitment to give a minimum of $1,953 annually. Donors to the 1953 Society are committed to the public benefit of keeping patients healthier through the relationship built between pharmacists and patients. You may become a member of the 1953 Society in a variety of ways:

  • A one-time annual gift of $1,953
  • Monthly gifts of $162.75 scheduled over 12 months
  • Quarterly gifts of $488.25 scheduled over 12 months
  • One gift of $976.50 matched by your employee matching program

Gifts to the 1953 Society allow the Foundation to choose where the need is greatest within the organization in order to fulfill its mission. These gifts are critical for funding ongoing operations of the APhA Foundation and to provide an underpinning for future growth.

The APhA Foundation has a reputation for recognizing opportunities for the pharmacy profession that open new doors for pharmacists’ patient care services. When you invest in the 1953 Society, you invest in the pursuit of new concepts in pharmacy practice.

Questions? Please contact our Director of Development, Mary McMahon at 202-429-7534 or mmcmahon@aphanet.org.