The 1953 Society


Named for the year APhA Foundation was established, the 1953 Society is a special group of donor leaders who are passionate about transforming the health care system through pharmacists’ patient-care services.


Contributors to the 1953 Society identify with the long-term vision for success of APhA Foundation and commit to giving annually to support our healthcare mission.


By being a part of this dedicated group of supporters, you demonstrate your commitment to keeping patients healthier through the relationship built between pharmacists and patients. 

Celebrating a decade of pharmacy philanthropy.

In 2023, we celebrated 10 years of philanthropy powered by the 1953 Society. 

As we look to expand our programs and improve patient care, funds from the 1953 Society sustain the essential elements of APhA Foundation’s mission and pave the way for the future of pharmacy practice.

Whether this is your first time supporting the 1953 Society or you are a longstanding member, we thank you for giving generously. Your contributions help strengthen our profession through scholarships and grant awards, recognize achievements that motivate advancement in pharmacy, and showcase the value of pharmacists in enhancing patient care. 

Pictured above: 1953 Society at APhA2024


Join the 1953 Society today! Ensure your support continues uninterrupted with monthly recurring contributions.

$1953 or $162.75 per month: Name included at APhA Headquarters 

One-time contributions via checks, stocks, donor advised funds, or retirement accounts are also accepted.


Thank you for helping APhA Foundation continue to be an innovator on behalf of pharmacists like you whose guiding purpose is to help patients!


1953 Society 10-Year Anniversary Donors

We are fortunate to include the individuals named below as a partner in our work and are deeply grateful for their generous level of pharmacy philanthropy in 2023!  

Alvarez, Alan and Sara Burda Alvarez

Alvarez, Nancy

Bennett, Marialice and Jon

Bernstein, Ilisa and David

Bluml, Benjamin and Elaine

Bode, Lauren

Boyle, Cynthia and Raymond Love

Brock, Kelly

Burgess, Philip and James Nutter

Carpenter, Laura

Carroll, Stephen and Lauren

Caruso, Valentino and Sara Schmidt

Cooper, Janice

Cziraky, Mark

Drew, Gregory

Euler, Mary

Gans, John and Eileen

Godwin, Harold

Goode, Kelly

Greenwood, Robert and Chery

Hamilton, Ed and Ann

Heath, William Michael

Helling, Dennis

Hilliard, Nicki and Joe

Hogue, Michael and Heather

Isetts, Brian

Johnson, Elizabeth

Jordan, Ronald and Karen

Kadlec, Gary and Marie

Keyes, Elizabeth and Kevin

Knowlton, Orsula and Cal

Koss-Justice, Pamela

Laughrey, J. Bruce

Maine, Lucinda

Menighan, Thomas and Bonny

Millonig, Marsha

Nahata, Milap

Phipps, Jay

Prince, Valerie

Pudlo, Anthony

Pulido, Mark

Rodriguez de Bittner, Magaly

Rothholz, Mitchel and Julie Gerhart-Rothholz

Schweitzer, Pamela and Paul

Simenson, Steven and Wendy

Skelton, Jann

Sobotka, Jenelle

Solimando, Dominic

Subramaniam, Puri

Trygstad, Troy and Peggy

Valente, CMDR Kelly E. and Brian McFarland

Varkey, Alex and Divya

Walker, Donna

Whitmire, Pamela

Woo, May

Worrall, Tom and Cathy

Wyatt, Anjanette


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