2023 Incentive Grant Recipient

2023 Incentive Grant Recipient: Karinna Cedo-Negron, PharmD



Project Proposal: Comparison of HEDIS Measures Performance between a Health-System Integrated Outpatient Pharmacy and External Pharmacies

Karinna Cedo-Negron, PharmD currently serves as the PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / UNC Health Carolina Care Pharmacy Network and Transitions of Care in Chapel Hill, NC.

"One of my biggest passions is to advocate for the pharmacy profession and bring forward the outpatient pharmacy practice. As such, I wanted to design a research project that would allow me to demonstrate the value of health-system outpatient pharmacists and their impact on healthcare quality measures that relate to effectiveness of care and patients’ health outcomes."

 "What excites me most about receiving this Incentive Grant is that my project’s findings may encourage other healthcare systems’ pharmacists and leaders to advocate for and support the development and implementation of outpatient pharmacies in their sites and to continue identifying opportunities for improvement in transitions of care services."