Carl F. Emswiller Summer Internship in Association Management

Carl F. Emswiller

In December 2010, the APhA Foundation dedicated the APhA Summer Internship in Association Management in honor of Carl F. Emswiller. Jewell Emswiller, Carl’s wife of 53 years, established a fund to honor Carl’s innumerable contributions to pharmacy.

The internship is structured to provide student pharmacists experience in national association activities, pharmacy practice issues, educational programming, state services, scientific affairs, student affairs, public relations and project management. Pharmacy students who are selected to participate in the internship will learn about the many aspects of pharmacy practice and professional organizations, and their activities will have a special emphasis on collaborative practice, which was an integral part of Emswiller’s career.


Student pharmacists who are interested in learning more about the internship, including application requirements and instructions, are encouraged to visit the APhA Experiential Program page on the APhA website.

Carl F. Emswiller Summer Interns

  • 2018 - Sydney Tu
  • 2017 - Grace Baek
  • 2016 - Michael Murphy
  • 2015 - Jordan Long
  • 2014 - Anjoli Punjabi
  • 2013 - Margaret Oser, PharmD
  • 2012 - Christina Yang, PharmD
  • 2011 - Kelley Ratermann, PharmD

Remington Honor Medal Address

"A Road Less Traveled" - Carl Franklin Emswiller, Jr.
1999 Remington Honor Medal Address
American Pharmaceutical Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX

About Carl F. Emswiller

Throughout his life, Carl F. Emswiller, Jr., was a leader in the profession of pharmacy and a pioneer in the areas of pharmaceutical care and collaborative practice. He championed pharmacist-provided activities that improved the health of patients, and he served and chaired local, state, and national organizations relating to pharmacy and improving his community. In one of his favorite roles, Emswiller was a role model and mentor to the pharmacy students he taught and precepted.