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Established in 1958, the Bowl of Hygeia Award recognizes pharmacists who possess outstanding records of civic leadership in their communities and encourages pharmacists to take active roles in their communities. The award is presented annually by participating state pharmacy associations, including those in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. In addition to service through their local, state, and national pharmacy associations, award recipients devote their time, talent, and resources to a wide variety of causes and community service.







The APhA Foundation Congratulates the 2020 Recipients of the Bowl of Hygeia Award!

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About the Bowl of Hygeia

The Bowl of Hygeia program was first conceived of and initiated by E. Claiborne Robins, Sr., a pharmacist and then-president of A.H. Robins Company. Mr. Robins's fierce dedication to community service was the driving force behind the inspiration for the award. Today, the Bowl of Hygeia is the most widely recognized international symbol for the pharmacy profession and considered one of the profession’s most prestigious awards. The bowl represents a medicinal potion and the snake represents healing.


Over the years, a number of corporations have supported the continuation of this beloved program, including Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer, Inc. In 2010, Pfizer, Inc. transferred all rights and responsibilities of the award to the pharmacy profession, to be managed by a cooperative of pharmacy organizations: the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA), and the APhA Foundation. The sponsorship alliance brought about a wonderful opportunity to get pharmacy leadership involved on many levels. Working together, APhA, NASPA, and the APhA Foundation are engaged in a fundraising campaign to fully endow the Bowl of Hygeia in perpetuity. Contribute to the endowment here.



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Boehringer Ingelheim -- Premier Supporter of the 2013 Bowl of Hygeia Award Program

Understanding the value of the Bowl of Hygeia to the profession of pharmacy, and the need for the managing organizations to focus on fundraising for the endowment, Boehringer Ingelheim has stepped in to become the Premier Supporter of the 2013 Bowl of Hygeia program. This allows the base funds already donated to stay intact while the endowment fundraising continues.

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