2023 Incentive Grant Recipient

2023 Incentive Grant Recipient: Arianna Sanchez, PharmD, MBA



Project Proposal: Patient Perception and Attitudes of Pharmacist Delivered Patient Care Services

Arianna Sanchez, PharmD, MBA currently serves as the PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacist Resident, at Safeway Pharmacy/Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

"As the pharmacist’s scope continues to expand in the community setting, many patients are not aware of what their pharmacist can do for them to support their care. I was motivated to not only gain an understanding of patient perspectives related to an expanded scope of practice but advocate for community pharmacist’s ability to contribute positively to a patient’s healthcare team. Exploring this topic advocates for continued expansion of the pharmacist’s scope on a local and national level."

 "Colorado is in a unique position to empower pharmacists to provide treatment for minor ailments and conditions. I have always had a passion for supporting pharmacists to practice at the top of their license. Understanding patients’ awareness and satisfaction of this unique ability we can provide to them motivates me to highlight the impact a community pharmacist can make."

"I am honored to be a recipient of this year’s Incentive Grant. I have always been passionate about Pharmacist Prescribing Services and improving patient access to healthcare; I am thankful for the opportunity to further explore the unique care pharmacists can provide."