2023 Incentive Grant Recipient

2023 Incentive Grant Recipient: Aaliyah Dent, PharmD



Project Proposal: Developing a Community Pharmacist-Led Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Service with a Primary Care Clinic 

Aaliyah Dent, PharmD currently serves as the PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at Kroger Pharmacy in Little Rock, Arkansas.

"Patients in the primary care clinic were not reaching their blood pressure goals which could lead to further complications if not addressed. To assist these patients, a pharmacist-led remote patient monitoring service will be an innovative way to enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes. Pharmacists will be able to expand their scope of practice while also helping patients to reach their goals."

"I am excited to see how impactful this service will be for patients who are most affected by uncontrolled hypertension and its complications. I would love for this piloted service to be a catalyst for enhanced patient care and for similar services in the future."

"The APhA Foundation Incentive Grant will be great for implementing a new service that will help patients reach their blood pressure goals and maintain their overall health and wellbeing."