2022 Incentive Grant Recipient

2022 Incentive Grant Recipient: Jay Highland, PharmD



Project Proposal: Pharmacist Designed Implementation and Recruitment Program for Pneumococcal Vaccination in a Multidisciplinary Community Access Clinic for an Uninsured and Low-Income Patient Population

Jay Highland, PharmD currently services as the Director of Pharmacy Services at Family Health Partnership Clinic in Crystal Lake, IL. He is a graduate of UIC College of Pharmacy - Chicago.

"I am honored to receive a 2022 Incentive Grant for Immunization Referral Systems. This grant will provide the financial support needed to begin a sustainable vital preventative vaccination service for our patients."

Family Health Partnership Clinic (FHPC) serves as a vital access to healthcare services for our uninsured population whom may not have the means or access to health services elsewhere due to uninsured or lower income status. FHPC continually evaluates how the current services help to meet the needs of its patients and preventative healthcare services is an area of focus to continue to meet the services necessary. FHPC offers annual flu vaccination and COVID-19 vaccination services but is working on identifying ways to broaden its immunization services for the community as an expansion of preventative healthcare services.

"The funding from this grant will help our clinic provide important pneumococcal vaccination services with an innovative sustainable process. These services have previously not been offered due to financial barriers and I am very excited that our patients will now have access to this protection through this program. This can help our patients live healthier lives with decreased risk of pneumococcal infections. "