2022 Incentive Grant Recipient

2022 Incentive Grant Recipient: Christe Chen, PharmD, MBA



Project Proposal: The Implementation of Social Determinants of Health Screenings and Conversations in the Community Pharmacy Setting in Low–Income Areas, Its Effect on Medication Adherence, and the Comfortability and Confidence Levels of Pharmacy Personnel

Christe Chen, PharmD, MBA, currently serves as the PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a graduate of University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

"By screening for social determinants of health with patients, pharmacists will be able to improve patient care by offering resources that can help with daily living, including medication affordability. These resources will allow for improved medication adherence due to an increase of patient ability to obtain medications."

The motivation behind this project proposal is improving patient care by building deeper relationships. Screening for SDOH will help pharmacy personnel understand patients beyond their medication profile. This will also individualize patients to become more than just picking up medications.

"I am excited to see the improvement in medication adherence after patients receive resources to help their disparities. The grant will give me a way to deliver training to pharmacy personnel, as well as present this idea to other pharmacists throughout the nation. "