2022 Incentive Grant Recipient

2022 Incentive Grant Recipient: Michelle Adgalanis, PharmD



Project Proposal: Pharmacist-Led Hormonal Contraceptive Prescribing Service in a Federally Qualified Health Center: Initial Implementation Outcomes

Michelle Adgalanis, PharmD, currently serves as thePGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at HealthLinc in Mishawaka, IN. She is a graduate of Purdue University.

"This project will aim to explore initial implementation outcomes of a pharmacist-led hormonal contraception prescribing service within a Federally Qualified Health Center through a collaborative practice agreement with in-house physicians and nurse practitioners." 

The United States has a significantly higher rate of unintended pregnancies compared to many other developed countries, and Indiana’s rate is currently above the national average. Hormonal contraceptives are commonly prescribed and effective in reducing unintended pregnancies, yet there are many barriers to accessing effective contraception. It is the research team's hope that this service will provide a means to decrease these barriers and improve patient’s access to care. 

"I am honored to receive an Incentive Grant this year and am looking forward to the opportunity to take part in the implementation of this new service within our Federally Qualified Health Center. I am most excited to expand our patient care services, provide patient education and resources, and continue to address current barriers to accessing hormonal contraception."