RxSuperheroes 1K Challenge


Thank you for your help and support in helping others in their quest to live a better life! Sincerely, Jeffery Bray CEO- MedQuest Pharmacy

Help Health Happen!  Pharmacists take action with the APhA Foundation.

FACT: Healthcare expenses for patients participating in APhA Foundation chronic disease interventions are more than $1,000 less per year than those of patients who are not receiving these services.

FACT: Health markers like A1C, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides all show statistically relevant improvement for patients receiving APhA Foundation treatment interventions.

Healthcare savings and better health!
Super results!
Help us continue this work!

Show your support of our efforts by joining the RxSuperhero 1K Challenge. Launch a personal fundraising page for the APhA Foundation, then encourage your friends, family members, and colleagues to donate to the cause. With your help the APhA Foundation can build upon our practice-based programming that improves people's health! 

Every RxSuperhero fundraiser who raises $1,000 or more by August 31 will be featured in the October issue of Pharmacy Today for American Pharmacists Month!

Are you in? Click the JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN button to start your personal campaign and share with your friends, family, and fellow pharmacists.

We'll follow up with a request to share your RxSuperhero page and brag about your superpowers through social media and beyond. You'll be our RxSuperhero!

Get started today! We're featuring our RxSuperheroes all summer long and hope you'll be one of them. 

Questions? Contact the Foundation at (202) 429-7565 or info@aphafoundation.org.


I have seen the life changing potential of proactive and preventative based care and intervention for thousands of physicians and the many more thousands of patients they partner with. I appreciate the opportunity to build greater awareness and help an incredible organization in the APhA Foundation and the pharmacy profession in general help improve people's health. I am happy to play my small part and hope you will join me in supporting our efforts to help people live a better life! Thank you!

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