2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Riley Clark, PharmD


Project Proposal:  Patient Perceptions of a Subscription-Based Clinical Service and Prescriptions in a Community-based Pharmacy 

Riley Clark is the PGY1 Community-based Pharmacy Resident at UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Moose Pharmacy in Mt. Pleasant, NC. She attended the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. 

"I am honored to receive this grant project from the APhA Foundation and look forward to implementing my research project. I am excited to expand pharmacy knowledge about perceptions of patients regarding moving beyond dispensing and into clinical service opportunities involving subscription-based payments for clinical services and prescriptions." 

 "Patients and independently owned community pharmacies continue to struggle with costs of prescriptions and services which can affect patient adherence and has downstream implications on the healthcare system. Providing subscription-based services and prescriptions to patients can create an opportunity to expand access and reduce costs for both the pharmacy and patients. By understanding patient-perceptions to this service, pharmacies can utilize the information to assist them in moving beyond the traditional pharmacy model."

"There is continued discussion surrounding moving beyond traditional dispensing in the independent community pharmacy space. By researching what patients are looking for and value with subscriptionbased payments, pharmacies can better understand what patients need and are looking for. I hope to use this research to gain this insight and expand upon patient understanding and perceptions of innovative services."