2023 Incentive Grant Recipient

2023 Incentive Grant Recipient: Maddie Urbanek, PharmD, MBA



Project Proposal: Community Pharmacists Perceptions of Providing Colorectal Cancer Screening in Community-Based Practice

Maddie Urbanek, PharmD currently serves as a resident at her primary residency sites which are Wheeler Pharmacy in Lexington, Kentucky and APSC in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Her main patient care responsibilities include patient education, health screening, medication therapy management, immunizations, and Wheeler Pharmacy’s home connection program. Other responsibilities entail working alongside APSC to advocate for independent pharmacies, implement protocols,
and introduce the structure of billing for services to pharmacists. Dr. Urbanek’s clinical interests include medication management therapy, transitions of care, and protocol implementation.

After residency, she hopes to work as a clinical/administrative pharmacist, allowing her to build relationships with patients and students while encouraging students to continue advancing the pharmacy profession."