2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Lauren Flood, PharmD


Project Proposal: Community-Pharmacy Resident Led Diabetes Injection Technique Education and Disease State Optimization

Lauren Flood, PharmD, RPh is the current PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Resident with the Walgreens/MCPHS University – Boston program, based in Boston, MA. Through previous professional and current clinical residency experiences, Lauren has gained a love and appreciation for direct patient interaction and opportunities for collaborative intervention.

 "This project is motivated by my passion for helping patients living with diabetes to achieve their therapy goals. Through this project, I am aiming to create an accessible service where community pharmacists can dedicate time to ensuring patients comprehend their medications and manage their disease effectively in our fast-paced healthcare system. This initiative is driven by the need to enhance patient understanding and goal attainment in diabetes management."

"I am truly honored to be a recipient of the APhA Foundation Incentive Grant and am excited to bring my practice ideas to life. By implementing this opportunity for outpatient education in a community pharmacy setting, I hope to empower patients to be confident in their disease state management and offer them the means to achieve therapy goals."