2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Kaylee McNeely, PharmD


Project Proposal: Syncing Success: Does Medication Packaging and Synchronization Improve Adherence and Patient Satisfaction? 

Kaylee McNeely is a PGY-1 Community Pharmacy Resident with Riverside Village Pharmacy in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Belmont University College of Pharmacy.   

"The motivation behind our project proposal stems from the pressing need to enhance medication adherence, a crucial yet challenging aspect of healthcare. Recognizing the complexities patients face in managing multiple medications, diverse dosing schedules, and varying pill packaging formats, our project looks to explore the effectiveness of our medication synchronization program. By investigating the synergistic relationship between medication synchronization, patient adherence behaviors, and pill packaging characteristics, we aspire to develop tailored interventions that simplify medication management, improve adherence rates, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes at Riverside Village Pharmacy."

"I am most excited about our project's potential to directly impact patient lives. The prospect of simplifying medication management through innovative strategies like synchronization programs and user-friendly packaging is inspiring. Receiving the Incentive Grant empowers us to translate this excitement into tangible improvements, fostering better adherence, enhanced patient outcomes, and ultimately contributing to a healthier community at Riverside Village Pharmacy."