IMPACT Care Transformation Institute

What is the IMPACT Care Transformation Institute?

The IMPACT Care Transformation Institute is a training and resource program designed by the APhA Foundation to help providers implement patient-centered, team-based care that can improve health outcomes. Pharmacists and other health care providers who successfully complete the IMPACT Care Transformation Institute will be empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to design, implement, sustain, and evaluate innovative models of care within their own practice. We hope that participants who complete the IMPACT Care Transformation Institute will be inspired to move from reading about care models and sustainable business models to taking action to implement meaningful changes in their practices to enhance patient care.


Brief description of the IMPACT Institute

The IMPACT Care Transformation Institute was developed with multi-sponsor support and includes a combination of online modules, webinars, and active learning activities. Participants who complete all the components of the Institute can earn a total of 1.45 CEUs. A brief outline of the IMPACT Care Transformation Institute is included below:

There are three principle-centered, evergreen online components that focus on boosting providers’ knowledge in three major topic areas.

  • Module 1: Designing Patient-Centered Team-Based Models of Care (0.3 CEUs)
  • Module 2: Building Sustainable Models for Patient Care Delivery in Practice (0.3 CEUs)
  • Module 3: Evaluating Patient Care Models and Measures to Demonstrate Value (0.3 CEUs)

There are three contemporary online webinars that utilize experiences and examples from current practice and provide participants with insights and challenges to apply the knowledge learned from the online self-study modules in an interactive webinar session.

  • Webinar 1: Implementing Innovative Patient-Centered, Team-Based Care with Aligned Incentives (0.15 CEUs)
  • Webinar 2: Cultivating a Sustainable Practice Model and Scalable Service (0.15 CEUs)
  • Webinar 3: Using Data to Demonstrate Value and Justify Services (0.15 CEUs)

There is one active learning exercise designed to help participants utilize principles from the online self-study modules and interactive webinars to invent a preferred future for their practice.

  • Inventing Your Preferred Future: Pulling it All Together in an IMPACT Implementation Plan (0.1 CEU)
Open access to Webinar 2 is made possible through support from the Community Pharmacy Foundation when you click HERE.