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Skippack Pharmacy Task Force

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The adage, “it takes a village,” has never been truer. This is evidenced by the efforts of Skippack Pharmacy and almost 700 volunteers from Schwenksville, PA and surrounding communities who have come together to vaccinate its residents and others against COVID-19. The response has far exceeded their expectations.

In preparation for receiving their first COVID-19 vaccine supply, the Skippack team and its dedicated helpers selected a location for a pop-up clinic and developed a vaccine dissemination strategy. The highly anticipated vaccines arrived on a Friday, and they quickly scheduled appointments and promoted the vaccination event to take place two days later, with the support of the team and community leaders.

On what turned out to be a snowy, Super Bowl Sunday, Skippack owner Mayank Amin, known to appear throughout the community in a superman outfit, and his team of pharmacy staff and community volunteers that brought to life the meaning of immunization neighborhood, welcomed more than 1000 patients to the first event implemented by their newly formed COVID-19 task force. 

For the next five months this team of volunteers were committed to safeguarding the health of the residents protecting their community and loved ones from COVID-19.  Throughout the uncertainties and changing recommendations, the team remained focused on the mission – protecting their community and loved ones.  Tears of joy and thanks were seen by community members and the healthcare professionals engaged in the process.

Amin posted on Facebook about one of the task force’s later pop-up clinics, “If anyone told you 3,000-6,000 people would be walking through these once empty, dark halls each week to take the step to protect themselves, their families and communities most would’ve thought that wouldn’t have happened for a long time. A community and volunteer force came together with a large task/mission at hand & the rest was history.”

To date, the Skippack-community collaboration has facilitated the administration of close to 50,000 COVID-19 vaccines throughout the region. In fact, the county is recognized for having one of the highest per capita vaccination rates in the state.*  Thanks to the heroic efforts of Skippack Pharmacy and its COVID-19 task force.

*Source:  Reuters


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