Dennis and Patricia Worthen Student Fund


The Dennis and Patricia Worthen APhA-ASP Presidential Award recognizes the tremendous leadership provided to student pharmacists by the President of APhA-ASP during his or her term in office. Furthermore, the award recognizes the significant personal and professional commitment by the APhA-ASP President to advance the profession of pharmacy. The individual is awarded a $1,000 stipend along with a bronze eagle statue. The APhA-ASP Presidential award also recognizes the president-elect with a $500 stipend.

The Worthens' affair with pharmacy began early in their college years. Patti considered a pharmacy major during her two years at the University of Michigan, along with a number of other areas of interest, including American studies, political science and linguistics. For his part, Dennis earned his way through college by working in pharmacies. His first ambition, however, was being a pharmaceutical sales representative, so he chose to complete his BA degree at the University of Michigan before taking a territory with E.R. Squibb. From 1972-1976, Dennis attended Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where he completed two Masters degrees in Library Sciences and Health Sciences Education, and his PhD in Library and Information Sciences. Patti received her BS in accounting in 1986 from the University of the State of New York, using her new financial skills with several non-profit social services agencies in New York and Ohio.