2023 Incentive Grant Recipient

2023 Incentive Grant Recipient: Dakota Raines, PharmD, MBA



Project Proposal: Retaining Technician Talent: Impact of Pharmacist Management Style on Pharmacy Technician Resilience in One Regional Division of a Large Community Pharmacy Chain

Dakota Raines, PharmD, MBA  currently serves as the PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at Kroger Health/University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy in Knoxville, TN.

"The motivation behind this project is to create more effective relationships between pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to improve resilience in the workplace. Pharmacists have a unique position to impact their pharmacy technicians’ workplace experiences through the leadership and management behaviors they exhibit every day. With this research I hope to highlight the positive impact pharmacist management behaviors can have on pharmacy technician resilience and wellbeing." 

 "I am excited to see examples of specific leadership behaviors pharmacists employ and determine which behaviors positively impact the experience and wellbeing of pharmacy technicians in the workplace. I hope that we are able to provide useful information for the profession of pharmacy with the findings from this research."

“I am honored to receive an APhA Foundation Incentive Grant and am excited to be able to explore pharmacy management behaviors and how they relate to the resilience and wellbeing of pharmacy technicians in the community pharmacy workplace."