2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Cody Beldon, PharmD


Project Proposal: The Impact of a Community Pharmacist Referral on the Completion of Annual Wellness Visits

Cody Beldon is a PGY2 Community Pharmacy Administration & Leadership Resident with Kroger Health in Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati. 

“Annual wellness visits (AWV) are preventive care visits designed to promote overall health and well-being for older adults, and AWVs are available to all Medicare enrollees at no charge to the beneficiary. Despite the proven benefits of preventive health care, AWV completion rate is significantly behind the anticipated completion rate. By leveraging the accessibility and knowledge of community pharmacists, this program will educate and connect eligible Medicare beneficiaries with appropriate services for their preventive health care needs.” 

 "Annual wellness visits are a key piece in identifying personalized health needs for the next five to ten years. Community pharmacists are knowledgeable and trustworthy health care professionals who routinely provide preventive care services, and I often hear from patients enrolled in Medicare that they are unaware of some preventive care services. AWVs increase the rate of preventive screenings, which has been proven to reduce cancer burden on the patient and health care system. "

"I’m most excited for this project because it can create an improved model for preventive health care. Our pharmacy teams will be able to educate their patients, build a closer relationship, and help refer them for a no cost, preventive care service."