2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Ciera Sitton, PharmD


Project Proposal: Evaluating the Impact of Pharmacist Led Mental Health Education on Community Mental Health Outcomes

Ciera Sitton is a Community Pharmacy Resident with Fred Meyer Pharmacy and Washington State University in Portland, OR, and a graduate of Washington State University.     

“Community pharmacists are one of the most readily available care providers, and with other providers, including primary care and mental health, becoming more difficult to access it is vital that community pharmacy provides a way to bridge the gaps in care for improved long-term patient outcomes. This study aims to evaluate the impact that lifestyle modification education, a first line treatment in mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, provided in a community pharmacy setting has on community mental health outcomes.”

"“Through my time in school and in the community pharmacy, I have had friends and patients alike ask about alternatives to traditional medication for the treatment of anxiety and depression due to a lack of access. This highlights a need for accessible mental health education, and community pharmacists have the potential to step in and provide this much needed service. By providing screenings and low barrier education we can empower patients to take steps to improve their mental health."

"I am excited to reduce barriers to care and make a variety of mental health education available to more people through this project. The Incentive Grant will be helpful in collecting follow-up information that can improve education and delivery to ensure that a successful and sustainable service provided by pharmacists is created to help many patients in the future."