Project IMPACT: CGM Access

Pharmacist-Provided CGM Services

The APhA Foundation's Project IMPACT: CGM Access aims to leverage community pharmacy practices to increase patient access to pharmacist-provided CGM services and improve diabetes care.


The APhA Foundation thanks the Helmsley Charitable Trust for their partnership in sponsoring this important initiative!


Rob Nichols, PharmD, BCPS, (pictured) is just one of the amazing pharmacists involved in this project. Read more about Rob and Greenwood Pharmacy, here!

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This research project leverages community pharmacy practices across the US to serve patients through pharmacist-provided CGM services. These services include everything from helping patients to obtain the CGM device, to physical placement of the device, to identifying and correcting blood-sugar patterns, to hypoglycemia prevention and discussion on the impact of food and medications, and more! This longitudinal care provided by the pharmacist allows the patient to be an active participant in their own care. 


Pharmacists deserve to be compensated for the CGM services they provide, but are often paid less than other providers, or not compensated at all, for the same service. Therefore, establishing a credentialing process that provides pharmacists with a direct payment mechanism for CGM services is essential to this project. As patients receive pharmacist-provided CGM care, it is expected that their overall outcomes will improve, allowing third-party payors to see the value their members obtain through receiving CGM services in pharmacies.


The patient-centered team-based care approach to this project exemplifies the great things that happen when pharmacists are involved!