Troy Trygstad, PharmD, MBA, PhD

Troy Trygstad PharmD MBA PhD, is Vice President of Provider and Pharmacy Partnerships for Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and its 14 care management and provider networks serving 2,200 Primary Care Practices as well as the Executive Director for CPESN USA, a nationwide clinically integrated network of nearly 2,000 community-based pharmacies in more than 40 states.

A pharmacist and health economist by training, Troy spent his formative years building and deploying innovations to help support the patient-centered medical home with community-based care management and pharmacy supports. Over the past two decades he has led innovative efforts to allocate limited resources across large geographies and diverse populations, with interdisciplinary care and community-adaptive approaches to population management.

In addition to serving on multiple advisory panels addressing medication non-adherence, he has co-developed novel adherence programs and technologies that use multiple types and sources of drug use data to predict, intervene and triage medication management interventions and coaching opportunities under a multi-state collaborative called The Pharmacy Home Project. 

As part of that work, Trygstad co-created the PHARMACeHOME™ platform which captures a community-level drug use narrative with drug therapy problem-finding utilities. He also co-created Care TriageTM analytics and care logistics engine which organizes interventions and interventionists based on predictive models, taking into account available resources within a given ecosystem. Both were utilized with more than 40 distinct licensures, settings and roles, across multiple geographies with more than 4,000 distinct users.  He was also the Project Director for a CMMI Round 2 Innovations award that tested new models of payment and pharmacy connectivity to primary care providers and the “Medical Neighborhood”. 

Trygstad received his PharmD and MBA degrees from Drake University and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy from the University of North Carolina. He proudly practices in a community pharmacy setting on nights and weekends and serves as a board member for the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, and the Pharmacy Quality Alliance as well as Editor-In-Chief of Pharmacy Times.