2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Arielle Tigney, PharmD


Project Proposal: A Comparison of Four Recruitment Strategies to Grow Medication Synchronization at an Independent Pharmacy

Arielle Tigney is a PGY1 Community-based Pharmacist Resident with UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Eden Drug in Eden, NC. She graduated from Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy. 

“Medication synchronization programs can help patients achieve their targeted health outcomes by increasing medication adherence. Many patients are unaware of the benefits associated with medication synchronization programs and I am excited to provide patients with education that will aid them in making informed decisions about their medication and health. I am hopeful that my project will help my site grow our medication synchronization program and identify the recruitment method that works best for our rural community.”

"Medication non-adherence accounts for 125,000 premature deaths and over 100 billion dollars in avoidable hospitalizations per year. Medication synchronization programs are wonderful tools that pharmacies use help patients increase their medication adherence and achieve their health goals. My aim is to help my site grow our medication synchronization program by increasing patient enrollment and gain insight on which recruitment methods may work well for other rural independent pharmacies."

"I am honored to receive an Incentive Grant this year and am excited for the opportunity to potentially identify recruitment methods rural independent pharmacies can use to grow their synchronization programs thus increasing medication adherence for patients. I am passionate about helping patients achieve their targeted health outcomes through medication management and adherence. Medication synchronization programs can be a convenient and integral part of this process and I am enthusiastic to educate the patient population at my site about the benefits of this program."