2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Allison Potts, PharmD


Project Proposal: Impact on Hepatitis C Treatment Adherence in a Specialty Pharmacy Through Introduction of Pharmacy-led Standardized Intervention

Allison Potts is a PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident with St. Matthews Pharmacy in Louisville, KY. She graduated from West Virginia University School of Pharmacy.    

"Specialty Pharmacy is in a unique position to expand accessibility to costly medications and provide education about disease states that are often complicated and chronically debilitating."

"The large majority of the patient population served at St. Matthews Specialty Pharmacy are treated for substance use disorder and Hepatitis C.  It is crucial to ensure adherence to regimens in patients being treated for these conditions in order to optimize therapy. I want to initiate more frequent contact in this high-risk population to proactively address any questions or any potential barriers to treatment with a goal to increase adherence and identify ways to improve pharmacist outreach to patients in the specialty pharmacy setting."

"This grant will allow me to implement new interventions in patient care to increase medication counseling opportunities for this high-risk population. I look forward to expanding pharmacist outreach and identifying new ways to increase direct patient care in the specialty pharmacy setting."