Align My Refills

Benefits to Patients and Caregivers

Improving Medication Adherence

Medication synchronization has multiple benefits that make the pharmacy experience easier for patients taking multiple medications and their family members or caregivers. These benefits have a strong impact on helping people take their medication as prescribed, which contributes to their better health.

Taking your medication as directed by your health care providers including your pharmacist is known as medication adherence. Many people are non-adherent to their medications, meaning they might either skip a dose, stop taking their medication, or never fill their prescription. This ongoing problem in America has contributed to billions of dollars in healthcare spend, chronic disease complications, and even deaths. If you or someone you know take ongoing monthly medications and are having trouble sticking to your medication regimen, enrolling in a med sync program at your local pharmacy can help you manage your medications and feel better.

How can med sync benefit my health?

  • Peace of Mind: Your likelihood of missing doses because you forgot to refill your prescription decreases dramatically. Your pharmacy is responsible for proactively coordinating when your prescription needs to be refilled. 
  • Convenience: You will pick up all of your medications in one trip to the pharmacy per month. This will eliminate the need for you to make time in your busy schedule for multiple refill calls and visits to the pharmacy.
  • Improved medication management: You will develop a closer relationship with your pharmacist during your monthly pick-up, leading to a better understanding of how your medication therapy works and how you can avoid side effects.

These benefits will allow you to successfully navigate your medication regimen with the help of your pharmacist. Taking your medications properly improves health outcomes and makes people feel healthier. The pharmacist will also be able to work with your health care provider if they become aware of any issues through their review of your medications and your monthly visits.

Med sync is just one way to improve your medication adherence. If you are looking for additional resources on medication adherence, visit BeMedicineSmart, an initiative of the National Council on Patient Information and Education. 


View an infographic explaining how medication synchronization can be a solution to the problems associated with medication non-adherence.