2024 Incentive Grant Recipient

2024 Incentive Grant Recipient: Abby McCurry, PharmD


Project Proposal: Implementation and Impact of Community-Based Pharmacist Follow-Up for Patients Newly Initiated on Antihypertensive Medications 

Abby McCurry is a Community-Based Pharmacy PGY1 Resident with the University of Missouri Health Care in Columbia, MO. She graduated from Gatton College of Pharmacy.   

"Millions of Americans are diagnosed with hypertension yet antihypertensive medication nonadherence and difficulty achieving and maintaining blood pressures goals happen far more often than we would like. Pharmacists are one of the most easily accessible health personnels and can help improve care for these patients if only there are programs in place to allow them to do so. We hope to address this need in our community by implementing a pharmacist-led pilot education and monitoring program for patients newly prescribed antihypertensive medication."

"I enjoy seeing how community pharmacists’ roles can evolve to fill needs in our communities such as becoming more involved in direct patient care. This is a new program for our health system and will be a potential reference model for other community pharmacies in our health system. I look forward to quantifying this program’s impact on our patients."

"I am so grateful and thrilled to receive this grant as it will supply blood pressure monitors for patients in our hypertension education and monitoring program allowing them to monitor their readings at home. This grant will help cover nearly 45 standard automatic arm blood pressure monitors and will be a great help to assisting patients in achieving and maintaining their blood pressure goals."