2021 Innovations in Pharmacy Lecture

2021 Innovations in Pharmacy Lecture - Melissa Somma McGivney

Community Partnerships: It's all about the people


12 Lessons Learned:

1. Document the Need and Interest.

2. Working across pharmacy partners - including academic and health system partners amplifies the reach.

3. Gather input and learning nationwide. It leads to innovation locally. 

4. State Department of Health/CDC grants are important connectors to funding AND state leaders. 

5. Bridging the profession together – moves us together! 

6. Creating educational opportunities can facilitate practice transformation.

7. Practice design and documentation come BEFORE payor contracts.

8. Document your care.  Share your success.  We all move faster when we learn together.

9. Students can be leaders and  teachers to support practice transformation. 

10. A practice network can be a research network. 

11. Research grants lead to practice change. 

12. Real change takes all of us:  A common vision and a willingness to steadfastly work toward achieving that vision – and celebrating along the way.