2021 Incentive Grant Recipients

2021 Incentive Grant Recipient: Kevin Cleveland, PharmD

Innovation in Immunization Practices


Project Proposal: Advancing the education and fostering utilization of immunization information systems through student pharmacists

Kevin W. Cleveland, PharmD, currently serves as the Assistant Dean and Director of Experiential Education at Idaho State University College of Pharmacy in Meridian, Idaho.

"Pharmacy is constantly changing and the best way to leverage a positive change in patient care is the utilization of our student pharmacists at their practice sites." 

Vaccinations are one of the best healthcare measures we have to prevent infectious disease. However, the reporting and utilization of immunization information systems (IIS) is not widely implemented in community pharmacies thus leading to missed vaccination opportunities. To help the with the increased utilization, student pharmacists will be trained on how to use IIS and then help pharmacists implement its use in their practice.

I am really excited about this opportunity so we can help increase vaccination rates in Idaho. It is not required for all practitioners who immunize in Idaho to report to the state’s immunization information system. By utilizing students to help educate pharmacists on how to utilize vaccination reporting system, we will have better communication and tracking of patient’s vaccination history which should help increase vaccination rates in our state.